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Are you looking to write a Ph.D. thesis? Is the process of writing one proving too long and daunting? Are you searching for a Ph.D. thesis writing services in USA to bail you out? If this is you, then you have come to the right place. understands your struggles and would like to help you write a powerful thesis for your Ph.D. First though, let us introduce you to Ph.D. thesis writing. There are things worth knowing if you are going to have any luck in finishing one successfully. 

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What is Thesis in Ph.D.?

A thesis (sometimes called a dissertation) is a piece of academic writing – often long – that is based on original research. Your thesis has to be submitted as part of your Ph.D. It’s probably the longest and toughest piece of writing you will ever do in school. Many students struggle to write the introductory part of a thesis let alone finish one. Many such students opt for Ph.D. thesis writing services to help them. Such services have top writers with a lot of experience writing long pieces that help students do well. It’s important to pick a thesis service that understands your needs. 

How do you write a Ph.D. Thesis?

A Ph.D. thesis is a serious piece of writing and the question of how to write one is not very straightforward. You are not going to get away with mistakes here. Unless you convince the university board that you are serious about studying for a Ph.D., you will not get the chance. That is why every thesis needs to be approached differently depending on the discipline and the topic of research. That said, there are some things you can do before you start writing a Ph.D. thesis. They include;

This is just a snapshot of what you need to keep in mind when writing a Ph.D. thesis. There are intricacies involved in each section that you should be aware of if you hope to write a winning thesis. 

How do I choose a Ph.D. Thesis Topic?

A lot can be said about how to write a Ph.D. thesis. However, you can’t do anything tangible unless you figure out your thesis topic. The topic will determine a lot of things in the writing process. Like how long the paper should be, how to approach the research, and also how many chapters you will have. Here is some insight on how to pick a topic;

How many chapters are in a Ph.D. Thesis?

The short answer to this would be; it depends on what your supervisor says. There is no fixed number of chapters for a Ph.D. thesis. Some people like to say it should be as many as relevant, but it all depends on the discipline and the discussion or requirements provided by your supervisor. 

The number of chapters perhaps goes hand in hand with the question of how long a Ph.D. thesis should be. The shortest Ph.D. thesis should be about 70,000 words. The longest should be 100,000 words or more. How many chapters do you think should fit in such a thesis? Again, if you are writing a thesis in STEM, the number of chapters might be lower compared to a thesis in social sciences. Ensure you discuss beforehand with your supervisor what topics you need to discuss and the approach you should take. This will hint at the number of chapters to be included as well.

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How many words should a Ph.D. thesis be?

It takes a considerable amount of time to write a Ph.D. thesis. That in itself tells you just how many words you have to write to achieve the required quota. However, the number of words for any thesis isn’t fixed. As we have already mentioned, it depends on the subject. Just don’t expect a Ph.D. thesis to be as short as an undergraduate or Master’s thesis. Expect between 60,000 to 100,000 words. Typically, there are more theses that are 80,000 words than there are those with fewer than 60,000 words.

So gear up and get to work, because it’s a long way to your final destination. What about the subjects, which ones have shorter theses and vice versa? Well, expect STEM-based theses to be slightly shorter than those in arts, social sciences, and humanities. 

Another aspect that might affect the number of words in a thesis is the university policy. Different universities will count the words differently. Find out what the university expects from you. Sometimes the supervisor might count references, the bibliography, and appendices. Ensure you check with them beforehand to avoid any confusion. 

How long is the average Ph.D. Thesis?

Again it depends on what the discipline is and the amount of research available for the topic you have chosen. Don’t expect many Ph.D. theses to be limited to a certain length. After all, you are trying to find a different angle of research in your discipline. We have already mentioned how some subjects tend to have shorter theses than others. However, expect many pages for an average Ph.D. thesis. If you are writing a thesis in STEM, the pages will be fewer than when you are writing one in social sciences.

How long does it take to write a Ph.D. Thesis? 

As we’ve said, a Ph.D. thesis is a very important piece of writing. There is so much involved in writing one. You have to formulate an idea, do the research, and then start writing. The thesis is the main focus of the degree. Sometimes it takes the whole four years of the program to formulate and work on a thesis. The writing process alone can take up to 18 months. 


To sum it all up, we have seen that a Ph.D. is a very important piece of writing in academics. The writing process includes several stages that have to be followed closely to achieve the desired result. Choosing a topic requires both introspection and extrospection. A Ph.D. thesis can have as many chapters as necessary and can be up to 100,000 words long. It might take the whole duration of the Ph.D. program to write a Ph.D. thesis. With all this in mind, it’s probably not a bad idea to ask for help from one of the best Ph.D. thesis writing services.

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