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Top Ninja Choices of Motivational Books for Educators

Teaching has a lot to do with motivation – educators have a responsibility to motivate their students to learn new things every single day. That doesn’t mean that teachers are the strongest motivators and have all their fears conquered. They also need to be encouraged, and there are some motivational books that can help them subdue the obstacles that are holding them back.

These are the best choices of motivational books for educators:

  1. How to Be Like Mike

  2. how-to-be-like-mike

    This is an inevitable fact: Michael Jordan is a definition of a hero, especially for your students. This book by Pat Williams elaborates 11 characteristics that make this athlete what he is. Michael Jordan is a figure that can be a true motivation for every profession, including teachers.

  3. Zapp! In Education

  4. zapp-in-education

    Unlike the first book on our list, this edition is specifically aimed towards educators. The content of this book explains how the quality of instruction can be improved by empowerment. The book is easy to read, but makes a real difference in the way education is perceived in modern times.

  5. Perpetual Motivation

  6. perpetual-motivation

    This book by Dave Durand is focused on instructions that help educators achieve highest motivational levels. The style is clean and understandable, and the tips are easy to implement into practice. Perpetual Motivation is not the typical self-help edition you would expect; it really gets into the deep layers of motivation and inspires its reader to work towards achieving the highest levels.

  7. Reject Me – I Love It!

  8. reject-me--i-love-it

    No matter how demotivating the title of this book sounds, it is a really practical guide that helps its readers turn rejection into direction. Fear of rejection and failure is what holds many teachers back. John Fuhrman explains how that fear and rejection itself can be perceived as something positively transforming for one’s personality. Students can benefit from this read just like educators can.

  9. Love the Work You’re With

  10. love-the-work-you-are-with

    If teachers didn’t like their job, the entire educational system would suffer. This book will help you rediscover the true motivation that led you towards this profession. If students are making you crazy, you can find a way to learn from that aspect of your profession and turn it into strength. You don’t have to leave your profession in a moment of weakness; you just need to remember what you love about teaching and enjoy it every day. Changing your attitude towards your profession is the first step towards changing your entire life into a positive direction.

  11. Learned Optimism

  12. learned-optimism

    Optimism isn’t something you’re born with. It’s more a choice you make in life. Instead of choosing to be a pessimist and allowing life to happen without finding the strength to achieve what you always wanted, you can choose to look on the bright side of life and work your way towards becoming an optimist. In terms of education, this change of character will change the way your students see you, but it will also change the feeling you have when going to work every day.

  13. Why You Can’t Be Anything You Want to Be

  14. the-power-of-uniqueness

    So you dreamed about being a famous scientist but ended up as a professor of theoretical physics? That doesn’t mean that your motivation should be non-existent. This guide will help you pursue your unique calling and give a purpose to your life and current profession.

  15. Attitude Is Everything

  16. attitude-is-everything

    This book by Keith Harrell will prove a thing you already know: success requires positive attitude. Everyone needs an attitude adjustment from time to time. You will find this book useful not only for you, but for your students as well. Attitude is Everything will motivate you and your students to think big and achieve more than you expect.

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