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The Ultimate Ninja List of Transition Words for College Essays

Essay writing entails several significant elements when it comes to vocabulary and one of the most important are transition words and phrases for essays, that connect the content together into a cohesive unit.

The first thing you might ask yourself when reading this headline is, "What are transitional words for essays and what are their purpose?" You might not be aware of it, but transitional words and phrases are a crucial part of every essay, that give your writing a better flow.

Transition words for college essays are used to connect two or more ideas together, to introduce a shift in your writing, a contrast or the purpose of a paragraph or an idea. They can also be used to emphasize certain points and introduce a conclusion of those points.

The Golden List of Transitional Words for Essays

Let's cut to the chase and get started with the ultimate list of transition words for essays that you are going to need. When it comes to using transitioning words for essays, it's important to know that there is a large variety of different categories, and each related to the purpose of your transition words. There are, for example, transition words for compare and contrast essays and many other types that are going to make your writing a thousand times better. Before you start using them to make your essays more rich and easier to read and understand, let's find out which words and phrases belong to a certain group and why.

Condition / Purpose

You might even be using these transition words already, but you aren't aware of it. The more aware you are of the purpose and meaning behind each of these words, the better you'll be able to utilize them in your texts. Condition and purpose transition phrases and words are used to describe or introduce a specific intention or a condition.

in the event that when in case
granted (that) whenever provided that
as / so long as while given that
on (the) condition (that) if only / even if
for the purpose of because of so that
with this intention as so as to
with this in mind since owing to
in the hope that while inasmuch as

For example: Use transition words and phrases if you're introducing a new idea that hasn't already been mentioned in the previous paragraph.

Similarity / Agreement

These transition words are used to connect to similar ideas that complement each other and are in sync, or if you want to add to an idea previously explained.

as a matter of fact again moreover
in like manner to as well as
in addition and together with
coupled with also of course
in the same fashion / way then likewise
first, second, third equally comparatively
in the light of identically correspondingly
not to mention uniquely similarly

For example: An essay will be more understandable if it has transition words and phrases included in a natural order, not to mention how significantly professional the entire piece of writing will sound.

Emphasis / Examples

These transition words and phrases should be used, if you want to add an example to the paragraph or illustrate an importance of a certain idea you're going to talk about in the following sentence. Here's a list of good transition words for an essay that contains a lot of examples:

to put it differently namely in particular
for one thing chiefly in detail
as an illustration truly for example
in this case indeed for instance
for this reason certainly to demonstrate
to put it another way surely to emphasize
that is to say markedly to repeat
with attention to such as to clarify

For example: Transition words and phrases indeed play a significant role in tying each unit of your essay together.

Contradiction / Limitation

Transition words for argumentative essays are necessary, but you might not know which ones they are yet. These connecting words are used when you want to introduce an idea that's completely opposite to what you were previously writing about. You're also going to use these when you want to highlight or emphasize something that's contrary to an idea, and to mark the transition in opinion.

conversely on the contrary unlike
otherwise at the same time or
however in spite of (and) yet
rather even so / though while
nevertheless be that as it may albeit
nonetheless then again besides
regardless above all as much as
notwithstanding in reality even though

For example: Using transition words is an essential part of any essay as it enables you to shape and mold your ideas into a cohesive unit, however, using too many transition words can actually confuse the reader and are considered unnecessary if they don't carry or introduce some kind of meaning.

Consequence / Result

When you're presenting an idea and want to be very specific about introducing a consequence or an effect, it's best to use time transition words. They are going to demonstrate that after a certain time there was a consequence or a result of a certain action. Here's a list of good transition words for persuasive essays that are going to help you prove your point better by illustrating consequences and results more naturally.

as a result for consequently
under those circumstances thus therefore
in that case because the thereupon
for this reason then forthwith
in effect hence accordingly

For example: One of our students aced their essay by implementing transition and phrase words, thus enabling us to understand and read the essay better.

Space / Location

If you're looking for transition words for an essay that are going to help you better describe, restrict or name a certain place or location, you can use transition phrases for space and location. Here's a list of the most commonly used ones. Stay tuned for the list of transition words for a compare and contrast essay, as well as any other type of essay that requires detailed describing.

in the middle here around
to the left / right there between
in front of next before
on this side where alongside
in the distance from amid
here and there over among
in the foreground near beneath
in the background above beside

For example: To the left of the column, there were explanations of all transition words for essay and how it may be practically used within it.

Summary / Conclusion

A conclusion is the part of an essay where we summarizes the entire idea presented in the essay and conclude what the main point was of the entire essay. Therefore, to introduce this naturally, without abruptly interrupting the flow of the essay, you should use conclusion transition words for essays that help you restate ideas or deliver a general statement.

as can be seen in brief by and large
generally speaking in essence to sum up
in the final analysis to summarize on the whole
all things considered on balance in any event
as shown above altogether in either case
in the long run overall all in all
given these points ordinarily by and large
as has been noted usually obviously

For example: Obviously, these weren't the only transition words and phrases that can be used to summarize an essay or deliver an overall statement. There are plenty of other's you can use to summarize all of the given points of the writing.

Sequence / Time

Other transition words and phrases can be used to define time. Whether you want to describe a restriction of time, or a particular order of events in time, these words help you avoid boring and confusing descriptions.

at the same time since whenever
up to the present time then eventually
to begin with before meanwhile
in due time hence further
as soon as since during
as long as when in time
in the meantime once prior to
in a moment about forthwith

For example: While the professor was correcting the errors with a sharp and painfully bright red pencil, I was holding my breath. As soon as he was finished, I let my breath go.

The Final Say

Now that our Ninjas have helped you dissect some of the good transition words for essays, you can start including them in your essays. If you're still not sure how to use them, or simply don't have enough time to study the entire table through, and truly understand how to use each category, go to our website and contact a ninja writer that will help you today! Our Ninja Essay Writers are ready to take on your challenge!

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