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Best Essay Writing Tools and Resources for High-School and College Students

Best Custom Essay Writing

Academic writing and grading is difficult not only for students, but for teachers as well. High-school and college students have to write a ton of papers in order to get the grades they want. These papers demand a huge amount of research, reasoning, and editing when the writing stage is finally done. On the other hand, teachers can easily make a mistake when grading the students' efforts, since these papers usually present personal opinions and experiences that cannot be converted in grading points.

Luckily for everyone, there are many technology tools that help students improve their skills of writing and make the grading process easier for the professors. These are the tools that all students in high school and college should check out:

  1. Criterion Online Writing Evaluation Service
  2. With the help of this tool, students can get guidance on planning, writing and revising their written work. The immediate feedback and the ability to practice writing according to their own schedule helps students understand the principles of academic writing and improve their skills in a short period of time.

  3. Purdue OWL: Essay Writing
  4. This is another website that students can use to get in-depth support in essay writing. At Purdue OWL, they can find exercises and writing prompts that will help them practice and improve the skills of expository, descriptive and narrative essay writing. The students are guided through step-by-step exercises that get them through the stages of preparing, organizing, writing, and editing.

  5. Knowmia
  6. No matter how good teachers are, they cannot pay attention to every student in class and help them overcome their struggles. With the help of Knowmia, students can get individualized instructions and attend online classes. The short video lessons featured at this website are provided by great teachers who help students understand challenging topics and get ready for the upcoming tests and writing assignments.

  7. Quillpad
  8. Teachers commonly recommend this website to students who are having troubles with academic writing. Everyone can improve their writing skills and start enjoying the process of essay development with the help of the techniques showcased at this website. At, students can access great books and online resources that will help them improve their vocabulary and advance their skills of essay writing.

  9. Google Drive
  10. Maybe this tool won't make writing more fun, but it's definitely one of the most effective writing tools for high-school and college students because it enables them to collaborate on projects. When students need to work on a team presentation or writing assignment, they can use Google Drive to get connected in real time and join forces to work simultaneously on the project.

  11. Microsoft Publisher
  12. One of the best ways to get students motivated to work on a school project is to enable them to use multimedia resources. Microsoft Publisher allows its users to show their style and creativity by combining different effects, online pictures, backgrounds, and other features to create exceptional products. When a student manages to create a multimedia presentation that will engage the entire class, all students will start looking differently upon school projects.

Technology provides endless opportunities for progress

With the help of modern technology, students can become more motivated, efficient, and better in producing academic essays and presentations. In addition, there are various tools that help them improve their learning skills and understand the challenging coursework material. The truth is that not everything can be learned at school. Every student needs a little help from the outside from time to time, and we are all lucky to have the wonders of the Internet to help us with all struggles we face.

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