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Selfie Guide from Famous Political Leaders

Let's leave the psychological background of selfies aside for a moment: they are cool and you know it! Of course, you need to take tasteful, well-edited selfies if you don't want to look like an ego maniac who is stuffing other people's Facebook and Instagram feeds with random headshots. When the selfie looks good, you'll definitely get enough (honest!) likes to maintain your social reputation.

There is no question whether or not you should take selfies. You SHOULD! If Obama does something, then it has to be right. Wait, political leaders take selfies too? Of course they do, and we have proof of that! Check out the following selfies and photographs of politicians taking selfies. You don't even have to try analyzing them and drawing the lesson. The infographic makes it easy for you: it tells you what exactly they teach us.

Forget all those guides that tell you how to pose and capture the perfect angle. It's all about the occasion – if it's good enough, then the selfie will be successful. Remember: you can't overdo it. The politicians you see in the infographic by NinjaEssays don't post a selfie each day. This is the most important lesson to learn: moderation is the key to success!

Selfie Guide

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