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7 Simple Ninja Steps to Write a Good Conclusion for an Essay

You've gotten past the introduction and the body paragraphs and now you're stuck because you are unsure how to write a good conclusion for an essay. However, it may be simpler than you think. All you need to do is follow the instructions below. Keep on reading.

1. Summarize Your Main Points

One of the easiest ways to write an essay conclusion like a true Ninja would be to provide a brief summary of the key points you have made at the beginning of each paragraph. Of course, you should avoid simply writing them word for word. Instead, rewrite them and form a conclusion that way. This will strengthen the arguments you have presented in the body of the essay, as well as remind the reader about what they have read. Make sure to fit all of your key points inside two or three sentences.

2. Keep It Concise

There are no strict guidelines when it comes to length of your conclusion for essay, but you should aim to make it between five and seven sentences in most cases. This should give you plenty of room to restate your main points, and to explain the importance of the topic you have just written about. If your conclusion is shorter than five sentences, you might want to go back and elaborate on it some more. If it's longer than 7 sentences, you will need to trim down your conclusion and make it more impactful.

3. Insert Your Thesis Statement into the Conclusion

Another important Ninja Writers tip would be to work your essay's thesis statement into the conclusion paragraph. After all, thesis statement is the foundation of your essay, and it should by all means find itself at the end of your essay. As is the case with your key points, you should restate your thesis using different phrasing, instead of merely repeating it. If you do, you will not share any new information with the viewer, and you will appear lazy. Take your time and write a proper conclusion.

4. Avoid Using Quotes

The majority of students, when they don't know how to write an essay conclusion, would proceed to include a quote at the end of their essay. First of all, it's lazy, and it's a cliche. Second of all, the conclusion of your essay is not the place where you introduce new information to your reader. That's what the intro and body paragraphs are meant for. The conclusion is where you summarize your essay and tie up everything together into one meaningful whole. Our writing Ninjas always make sure that our conclusions are top-notch.

5. Write with Confidence

Sounds generic, but you should write using a voice that inspires authority and confidence in what you're trying to prove. While the entire paper should be written that way, it is especially important to approach your conclusion in the same manner, because it's where you drive your point home and summarize everything. Also, you should back up this sort of tone with evidence, which gives weight to your authority, and use the right words. While you should never justify yourself or apologize for your conclusion, try not to come off as arrogant either or insult those that think differently than you.

6. Imagine Having a Conversation with the Reader

Whenever you are stumped about how to write a conclusion to an essay, use this little trick: imagine your essay as conversation with the reader. More specifically, imagine that you've presented all of your arguments, and that the reader asks "Why does that matter?", or "So what?" The answer to these questions should be your concluding paragraph. Make the reader realize the importance of what you've just presented to them. These questions can also come in handy to make yourself think harder about your ideas and concepts.

7. End Your Essay with a Bit of Flair

Your conclusion essay should be the icing on the cake. It should wrap everything up in a neat little package. How do you exactly do this? There are several ways you can pull it off. Irony is one of the best tools for the job. State your point and illustrate its strength by listing an ironic example of what happens when an approach opposite to yours is adopted. Even though you are using logic and cold hard evidence to prove your point, your essay should not be devoid of any emotions. If done right, involving the reader emotionally can make your essay much more compelling.

5 Strategies and Examples for Writing Your Essay's Conclusion

Offer a Possible Implication

If you have written an essay about the damaging influence of social media on young people, you can offer a glimpse into their future, as in this example:

Even though we are certainly blessed with all the advantages social media has brought along, we haven't used them all in the most responsible manner possible. It seems as if our humanity is still not able to catch up with all this technology. Instead of using social media to connect with each other, people are using it to extort money and information from one another, and spread meaningless rumors. Cyberbullying is also on the rise. It's time to start thinking about developing applicable models which will allow us to make use of social media in the right way.

Provide Reader with an Applicable Suggestion

Writing a conclusion for an essay that can also serve as a suggestion your reader can implement in real life. For instance:

That is why we should start changing ourselves, instead of waiting for politicians and authorities to tell us what to do. They have proven time and time again that they are corrupt, and that they don't have out best interest in mind. Instead, they do what's best for the corporations. Protests are no longer a viable option. We need to change our priorities. We need to put an end to consumerism, because we really don't need all the things we have. Instead of us owning them, it is the other way around. And that's solely our fault. Of course they are going to exploit our weaknesses.

Point to a Bigger Picture

One of the best ways to end your essay would be to use your thesis to point to a larger issue looming in the future. For instance, if you are discussing the use of microchip implants on human beings, you can finish up in the following manner:

While there might be benefits of having a microchip implant underneath your skin, such as the location of missing persons, electronic transactions, and being online all the time, the cons far outweigh the pros, because we still lack the institutions which are able to reign in all of this technology and marry it to normal human ethics. The potential for abuse is too great, which means we must stop toying with ideas like this one. Otherwise, we may find that the Matrix is not just a visionary movie, but our harsh reality.

Recall an Idea from the Introduction

When it comes to instant help in essay writing, one of the best pieces of advice would be to return to an idea you've introduced in the introductory paragraph of your essay, as shown here:

So, we might not be as important as we think we are. But, even though our entire planet is not even a speck in terms of size when compared to the vast expanses of space, and even though we are barely a blip on the radar of the entire history of the universe, we have managed to make that universe a lot smaller. Thanks to our knowledge and technological breakthroughs, we have been able to get a good glimpse of that very universe, and even leave our own tiny planet.

Create a Transition between the Last Body Paragraph and Your Conclusion

By connecting these two paragraphs, you signal the reader that you've reached the end of your essay. Example:

With that in mind, it is not just a gesture of good will, but our job and our moral obligation to keep this planet safe and sound for future generations, the same way previous generations have kept it safe for us.

The Final Word

While writing a conclusion for your essay is a bit of challenge, it is not exactly a nightmare either. If you are still not exactly sure how to write a conclusion to an essay, get in touch with Ninja Writers today! They will show you how it's done!

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